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Power Plate

Power Plate

What is Power Plate Advanced Vibration Technology? What is its principle?

Due to gravity, our mass is defined as kilogram to measure it as a weight. Muscles develop and grow stronger in human body since it works by resisting the gravity. In this technique used commonly in the whole world, vibration produced by Power Plate is sent as an energy to human body. Oscillations in preferred frequency stimulates body muscles to stretch. Muscles constantly stretch, relax and work during the application. It is also the reason why many sportsman do exercise with extra weight. Muscles in every part of the body works in a much disciplined way in a short time that the application is done.

Our muscles are stretched and relax for 40 times in a second with 40 Hz. oscillation speed selected from the control panel of Power Plate. For example, muscles that work under this oscillation speed for a minute are tired as they done hundreds of sit-ups. When it is time to rest, body arranges metabolism to balance itself. Performance line of our body is lifted up with this balance. In the next exercise, body try to lift the performance of the body higher based on the previous line. This attempt of body to increase performance is called super-compensation.

This system which is applied on sportsmen for a long time with obtained results are used in sports, medical, aesthetic - cosmetic beauty, healthy life and physical treatment.

What are the results of Power Plate?

It increases body immunity and elasticity.
It regulates blood circulation.
It increases explosive strength of the body.
It strengths bone tissues.
It decreases local pain.
In increases Serotonin and Neurotrophin hormones and removes local fat.

Working with Power Plate for 10 minutes is equal to fitness for 1 hour…


*Brings elasticity,
*Provides all muscles to work deeply,
*Minimizes arthrosis deficiency risk,
*Increases blood flow and oxygenation,
*Provides hormones to work in higher level,
*Increases explosive strength,
*Increases drainage of body water,
*Decreases osteoporosis effect,
*Decreases back and neck pain and strengths these areas,
*Prevents cellulite and decreases it,
*Increases bone density,
*Increases collagen production,
*Decreases mental and physical stress,
*Decreases local fat.

Stay young by exercising 10 minutes in a day…

Does Power Plate increase muscle strength?

While exercising with Power Plate, muscle group on the working area works in %95 density and develop. Resistance and power of our body increase in an effective way.

How much time does Power Plate gain?

Exercising with Power Plate for 10 minutes equals to 60-90 minutes of classical strengthening exercises. At the same time, a lot of muscle groups work with maximum yield during Power Plate application.

Does Power Plate increase the elasticity?

Power Plate increases elasticity by warming muscles and tendons in our body. 2 minutes of stretching program increases the ability of stretching of our body.

Does Power Plate increase the body harmony?

Power Plate provides all the coordinative receptors in the muscles and between the muscles to be stimulated at the same time. Therefore, body coordination ability and harmony increase and react and balance feeling develop accordingly.

Does Power Plate accumulate circulation?

Power Plate causes blood flow to even smallest capillary vessels 35-50 times in a second by contracting the muscles 35-50 times in a second. This blood flow contributes energy storage of the cells in a short time. Increase in blood flow provides waste in the blood to leave the body immediately and blood cells are refreshed.

What are the effects of Power Plate to our metabolism?

Power Plate makes our metabolism richer, compounds fat burning and regulates main metabolism. It decreases fat surface under the skin.

Does Power Plate contribute to fitness?

It increases resistance of all body system depending on muscle development. Body which got used to regular exercises lifts its own performance upper. As a result, you can walk longer distances, run faster, jump higher and have a harmonized and elastic body.

Does Power Plate give exhilaration?

Power Plate provides increase in releasing of the hormones with positive effect like notably happiness and relaxing. This increase raises our quality of life and affects our sexual life in a positive way.

Is Power Plate effective on cellulite?

Exercises qualified as massages helps us decreasing the fatty tissue under the skin, burning the fat cells and having more tightly and healthy tissue. The deepest effect begins when cellulite is decreased and the tissue becomes stronger. Building ups even in the face muscles are observed with these kinds of exercises.

What is the effect of Power Plate to osteoporosis?

All of the conducted studies show that regular and strong vibrations applied on body decreases bone loss and causes significant increases in bone density. Since Power Plate increases gravity force on the body, it also provides increase in mineral bone density.


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