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Alexandrite Laser Epilation

Alexandrite Laser Epilation

How does Alexandrite Laser affect?
Laser provides an optical energy consisting of one wave length light. Most of the lasers based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. Laser beams with specified wave lengths create heat energy by transmitting optical energy after getting absorbed by the target forms (hair root, vessel, stain) which are colorized. This heat created on the target form damages the surrounding tissue very low and destroy the target. By consisting a sudden (milliseconds) heat increase of 80-90 degrees, it creates irreversible damage.

What is the most important reason for the patients preferring Alexandrite?

Alexandrite lasers include contact cooling mechanism and photon recycling which is unique in the world and consisting of a 3 cycle cooling system called precooling, cooling and postcooling. Moreover, they do not cause almost any pain.

What are the most important advantages of Alexandrite Laser?

Alexandrite is the latest technology on the world. Along with including all other systems of other laser devices, it works quite faster. Thanks to this property, back epilation lasts 30-40 min and leg epilation lasts 30-35 min. Since it is Long pulse Nd-Yag, it can be used on dark skins. The most important one is that it is the most effective and secure unique device which %93 of the applications done by maximum numbered devices approved by American FDA is done singly by Alexandrite.

Is Alexandrite inefficient as the others?

No. The effect of the hair root comes from the energy hold by the hair. Thick and darker hairs absorb enough energy with lower laser energy. To be able to be effective on thin hairs, it is needed to give more energy in a short time. Most of the laser devices are not capable of providing enough energy in this short time. Differently from other lasers, provided energy by Alexandrite during shooting is not depending on the shooting time itself. It is capable of providing high energized and short timed shots during the repeated shooting.

What are the advantages of Alexandrite Laser epilation?

It provides permanent or long term epilation. Even if hairs reappear, they will be weak, light colored and not important for cosmetic perspective. It is a secured method. It is not cancerogenic. According to the characteristics of the device used, it is pretty fast. Risk of skin infections and contagious disease which can be seen on wax application does not exist.

Why laser epilation is not one session?

Because all hair roots are not in the same growing stage. While growth hairs (anagen) are affected during application, hairs in remission (telogen) and relaxation (catagen) are not affected from the treatment. A session should be applied again on the hairs which are not affected. Session intervals change according to the region from 4 weeks to 8.

Is session number determined at the beginning of the laser epilation?

Determining session number at the beginning is not realistic. Depending on the differences of color of the hair, thickness, region and phase during the application, session number changes from one person to another; even, it can change from region to region on the same patient. Therefore, only estimated session number can be determined.

Is absolute result guaranteed in laser epilation?

No. In these kind of medical applications, ensuring %100 guarantee is not true and not realistic. The genetic and hormonal structure of the person, color of the hair and its structure affect the results. Doctors can give the necessary information which can have the possibility to happen after the examination.

Are there any permanent stains after laser epilation?

According to the used device in the application, redness can happen for 5-10 min or 1-2 hours. This is temporal. In some cases such as on patients having a sensitive skin, if a laser which does not include any cooling system is used and high dosage laser energy is given, stains like sun burnt can occur. This case can be treated in a few days. Lasers with contact cooling systems does not give a chance the skin to get heated; therefore, the risk is minimized. However, if one took sunbath or solarium, stains can be seen on the skin.

What is a control session?

A control session is a free session implemented for missed points on large regions (back, chest, and legs) treated on a session. This control session is done 15-20 days after the application and only if needed. Not to come to the session thinking that you do not need or your doctor said a session is not necessary will not affect the treatment. To implement control session after 15-20 days causes the hairs in remission and relaxation phases affected. Therefore, a control session is not implemented if 15-20 days exceeded since it will ruin the treatment process by reducing the effect of laser.

Is laser a safe application?

The very first laser is invented in 1958. Practically used laser is produced in 1960. Laser is being used confidently in various medical areas such as dentistry, eye diseases, plastic surgery, and medical esthetic for 25 years since 1983. Laser systems for epilation is used for 15-20 years. Thanks to developing technology, applications of laser purposed of epilation and other esthetic are implemented safely. There is no scientific evidence proving that laser causes cancer or other diseases emitting radiation and affecting health negatively. It is shown that laser does not have ionic effect and it does not have negative effect on alive and growing connective tissue cells in the research made in 1983. Lasers used in our clinic are used in many countries of the world as well and they are approved by FDA.

What should I pay attention to before laser application?

Methods which deforms hair root such as wax or tweezers should not be used to a few weeks before laser epilation. Hairs should not be yellowed before starting the application. Because laser energy is effective on the hair roots which are on growth phase and have pigment. Expected result cannot be obtained if the hair is pulled by tweezers or if it is yellowed because the target of the laser is removed. Since using medicines including beta carotene (vitamin A) or eating rich food by means of carotene (orange nutrition like carrot or orange) for a long time causes the expected results to be reduced, such medicine or food should not be taken. Peeling applications should be stopped before 2 weeks from the application.

What should I pay attention to after the application?

At least 30 factor sun cream should be applied on the region of laser application. Sun and solarium should be avoided at least for 1 week. Otherwise, stain formation possibility will increase. Peeling or rubbing applications which deform the skin should be avoided for the very first and second day. Tight and tough clothes should not be worn as well.

On whom can laser epilation be applied?

It can be applied on everyone who is older than 15 and have dark hairs.

For whom is laser application inappropriate?

People younger than 15, in the first 3 months of pregnancy, have skin cancer or lesions, have illness which holds the collagen tissue in skin (cutaneous etc.) or causes color change on skin, are on medication for acne treatment like Roacutane are inappropriate for laser application. Laser application cannot be implemented on people who have herpes, cutaneous disease or skin infection. Most of the laser epilation devices cannot be used on tan skin. Waiting for the skin to be lightened is compulsory (except for Long Pulse ND-Yag lasers). If hairs are light colored which is hairs having few pigments are not affected from the treatment since laser will not see them. Laser is not effective on white-grey, red and yellow hair.

Can laser epilation be applied on sunburnt skin?

Yes. Alexandrite Lasers which we have in our clinic is capable of implementing laser epilation on such skins. This is completely relevant to the technical properties of the device. Laser epilation with devices not including this property will definitely have many side effects.

What kind of effects can be occurred after laser epilation?

There may be redness lasting from 10 minutes to 1-2 hours depending on the type of the device, sensitivity of the patient, structure of hair and color of the skin. This is certainly temporary. Sometimes, pimples, redness lasts for a long time and crusting can occur on people who have dark skin, who are sensitive and on regions with thick and dark hair. Just as these situations can get better mostly spontaneously, sometimes pomade can be necessary.

Does pain occur during the laser epilation?

Today, none of the laser epilation methods are not painless. Pain can occur depending on patient and pain threshold. However, depending on the machine used in the epilation, major changes can occur in felt pain. It is the guarantee that having Alexandrite Systems in our clinic of your comfort and feeling less pain.

Does not attending regularly to the sessions ruin the treatment?

Laser epilation sessions are applied in the ranges from 4 to 8 weeks. If you pause the treatment, this does not mean that previous sessions are ruined. If you want to proceed the treatment with no hair, you should attend the sessions regularly.

Is any discount given after each session according to the decreasing rate of the hairs?

No. We are giving a discount only after the 4th session just to make you happy. Laser is not applied on hairs one by one. Every shoot affects all active hairs in the area of 1,5-2 cm2. Dark and thick hairs will be reduced about %15-20 after each session. However, this reduction happens on all the area not from a single area. Therefore, in the next session, all of the area, which is treated, is reshot and same amount of laser shoots are applied.

What kind of a solution should I follow in case of hair development caused by hormones?

In these cases, we suggest that you should see and get treated by a gynecologist along with the treatment of laser epilation. However, if the hormonal problem occurs again or hairs are not removed completely, applied epilation will not prevent hair development.

What are the risks of laser epilation?

Laser epilation is a medical application not cosmetic. Just as in every medical application, laser application has some risks as well. These risks can be minimized by an experienced doctor and with an advanced technology laser device of which security properties are increased. The rarest risk is superficial burn. This can occur when people who have over sensitive skin, very dark skin or thin and light hair which requires the increase in laser dose and devices having inefficient cooling system is used. After superficial burnt, there may be light or dark spot can remain on the skin. However, these spots can get better with or without treatment in long term.


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